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Shopoff Realty Investments offers qualified high-net-worth clients the opportunity to participate in strategic real estate investments including land investments, residential and commercial properties, pooled funds and mortgage products, with confidence in our experience and expertise and the potential to build an ongoing, long-term relationship.

Investor Qualifications

Investors must be accredited according to the guidelines set forth by the United States Securities & Exchange Commission, and must establish a business relationship with Shopoff Realty Investments, before we can release information about potential investment opportunities.  Investors should meet the following criteria:

If you meet these criteria and would like more information about investing with Shopoff Realty Investments, please contact us for more information or email us at

 A limited number of unaccredited investors, including those who have already invested in real estate, may be accepted into each transaction. Please contact us for more information.

Upon review and approval of Shopoff Realty Investments qualifying form you will receive an investor password that will allow you access to our database of investment opportunities. You will then be able to view and or print the investment opportunity you might be interested in. Or you may request a hard copy to be mailed to you if you desire.

Investing in Shopoff Realty Investments limited partnerships involves a high degree of risk, including the possible complete loss of your investment. In addition to being an illiquid investment with an uncertain liquidity date, these investments may have other risks. The past performance of any of Shopoff Realty Investments' Limited Partnerships is no guarantee of future results. View Risk Factors.

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