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Shopoff Realty Investments

Shopoff Realty Investments is a real estate investment firm specializing in offering qualified clients diversified long-term investment opportunities that can be used to create a customized portfolio consistent with their unique financial profiles and goals. Our clients comprise a wide range of investors and joint venture partners that includes banks, developers, builders, high-net-worth individuals, and the public in general.

Shopoff Realty Investments provides access to a broad spectrum of investment products and opportunities with the potential for high returns, including residential, multi-family, commercial and retail properties, mortgage banking products, and real estate investment trusts. For more than 25 years* our firm has been known for its dedication to personal integrity, operational transparency, industry expertise and our total commitment to the success of our investors.

With a proven track record of results, Shopoff Realty Investments combines passive real estate investment opportunities with a heavy emphasis on client care. We offer qualified high-net-worth clients a gateway to participate in strategic investments including land investments, residential and commercial properties, mortgage products, and pooled funds with trust and confidence in our expertise.

As a private investment firm, Shopoff Realty Investments places the needs of our investors above all else, offering personal, one-on-one service and an open line of communication to our founder and principal, William Shopoff. It is this commitment to our clients, coupled with our expertise in real estate investing, which has made us the investment company of choice among many new and established investors.

Investing in Shopoff Realty Investments limited partnerships involves a high degree of risk, including the possible complete loss of your investment.  In addition to being an illiquid investment with an uncertain liquidity date, these investments may have other risks involving:

The past performance of any of Shopoff Realty Investments' Limited Partnerships is no guarantee of future results.

*1992-2018 as Asset Recovery Fund, Eastbridge Partners and Shopoff Realty Investments (formerly known as The Shopoff Group). William Shopoff is the founder and principal of all these entities. Performance has varied in this time frame, with certain offerings generating losses that are detailed in the company track record.

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